How are our Orange Gummies Legal?

The process starts by growing quality compliant hemp. The hemp is then sent to be extracted to pull out all of naturally-derived hemp. With a clean and quality test on our distillate the wonderful gummies can be created, ensuring that each one is under the federal limit of .3%THC on a dry weight basis.

Because our products are hemp from start to finish, and because they are under the 0.3% THC limit, our products are in the same legal category as any other full-spectrum CBD product.

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Our Orange Gummies are in compliance with the 2018 Farm Bill. All distillates used are straight from the hemp plant and natural. 

Direction on the package are designed to give you a smooth introduction. We suggest sticking to the proper serving size until you understand your needs better.

We only sell our products to people over the age of 21.  We use to verify the identity and age of each buyer during the checkout process.

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Common Questions:

Q. If the product is less than 0.3% THC, how are you able to provide so much THC? 

A. Take our gummies, for example. They weight about 5.5 grams. Taking into consideration the moisture content (remember, dry weight is what matters), we end up with around 4.5 grams. Multiply that by 1,000 to get 4,500 milligrams. 

If you multiply 4,500 milligrams by 0.3%, you get 13.5 milligrams.

That means with a 5.5 gram gummy, we could actually infuse 13.5 milligrams of THC in each gummy and still be under the legal limit.

Q. THC can make me feel anxious, might I have that  issue with your product? 

A. We can not be for certain because everyone is different, but the large boost of CBD that is infused into our products can wonders for removing some of those unwanted side-effects of D9 THC. We recommend always starting with the suggested serving size to help better understand your needs. 

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